Produce with a Purpose

So your doctor told you to eat more veggies...Now what?

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So many people are told by their doctor that they should eat more produce — whether to resist cancer, balance blood sugar, or reduce risk of a heart attack —  but then what? The diagnosis was overwhelming, but then there are so many "shoulds" piled on you. A lot of people have  given up on cooking fresh foods anyway, convinced that it's too hard and takes too long. And certainly someone who is ill may be uninspired, tired, stressed, and may even have their taste-buds or sense of smell compromised by their treatment or condition.  Well, that's where Produce with a Purpose can help, because the freshest food takes the least effort to wow the taste-buds.

This site provides some nutrition information and easy recipes, tips, and tricks, to empower, encourage, and nourish those who need it most. 

In addition, there are thoughtful articles, updates from the sustainable farm here with inviting photos, recommendations for gadgets and ingredients, and much more, all organized by season. It's your own, empowering go-to place for healthy eating that is based on fresh, seasonal produce (but doesn't taste like twigs and dirt!)

This site will be constantly adding fresh material, so jump in, enjoy at your own pace, and browse, learn, get inspired and encouraged... and come back often!

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Kerin Gould
Kerin Gould

About the instructor

Kerin Gould has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health and a PhD. in Native American Studies.  She has worked with food-related non-profits such as Alchemist CDC and Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and taught a high school Farm to Fork program, but eventually focused on developing her own sustainable, non-toxic, wildlife-friendly farm and exploring a new way to connect vibrant fruit and veggies and those who strive to enhance their health with farm-fresh produce.

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